How To Contact Us

A strange subject to pick for a speciality - monthly car insurance? Who would buy that? Surprisingly, an awful lot of people do, and in the future a lot more will as we all get more and more used to the idea that businesses should provide what we want, and not what they want to offer us.

Who are we? We are a six-person team (Carol, John, Fiona, Audrey, Dave and me, Peter) and we are passionate about our work. We have worked together for over five years and we try to give a service which is second to none; we are fairly confident that we achieve that. If you have any problems with the insurers that we link to, or you need to discuss quotes, you'll need to contact them direct , unfortunately, but if you have any questions suggestions or criticisms about our site please and we'll be back in touch as soon as possible, if not sooner. We are:

Fox Monthly
82 King Street
M2 4WQ